​RESERVING - our limo.  We can hold a date for 3 business days waiting for a signed contract and deposit check.  Deposits are non refundable.  The deposit will go towards the total with the balance due on the day of event, cash unless pre-approved.

OUR PRICES - vary, so please call with details of your event for an exact quote.  We try to have the best prices in Fargo, but there is always someone with an older, less than desirable vehicle that will be cheaper.  We do always have the best VALUE, meaning a new model high quality vehicle with service to match.  You will rarely hear the words quality or reliability in the same sentence as old, high mileage limo (or bus).

SEATING CAPACITY - Our Yukon S.U.V. limo seats 18 adults at 21" per person.  For comparison, an airplane seat is 19".  It is common for limo and party bus companies to exaggerate seating, usually by 2 for 
limos, more per buses, so always ask what the "comfortable adult seating capacity" is.  Excaliber will never exaggerate seating capacity.

GLASSWARE - is included for weddings.  May or may not be included in other bookings, please ask.  Plastic cups and ice are standard.

FOOD - is allowed only if pre-approved.  We usually approve food for out of town trips during dinner hours.

COOLERS - We have our own coolers that will hold around 40 cans or bottles.  You can bring 1 average size cooler and up to 2 mini coolers.

SPLIT HOURS - are sometimes possible, restrictions and minimums apply so please call with details.

MULTIPLE PICKUPS, DROP OFFS - can be done, but they are very time consuming.  Figure 15 minutes per stop, less if in the same neighborhood.
Excaliber Limousine
Phone 701-730-6023 Fargo, ND